Elizabeth "Ponque" Maal is an accomplished athlete, performer, instructor, nutritionist, and vegan chef with nearly 15 years of experience. Her exceptional knowledge, dedication, and expertise have taken her across South America, from competing in the Pole Dance World Cup in Brazil to performing with silks in an Argentinian circus. She was even featured in a full-page article in a renowned Chef Magazine in Venezuela. Additionally, Elizabeth is the owner of her own yoga, pole, and aerial studio, showcasing her entrepreneurial and leadership skills. She is a true Renaissance woman who has dedicated herself to various areas and has achieved remarkable success in each one.



Instructor: Evolution Energy, Gold's Gym, Cóndor Yoga, Club Puerto Azul, Pura Energía, AeroDance, Seguros Venezuela

Casa Vrinda Caracas: Yogic Nutrition and Food teacher, 500 HRS yoga inbound training

Owner & Operator: Mundo Ponqueland


Yoga Inbound 300 & 500 HRS Training: Casa Vrinda Caracas, Venezuela & Vrindavan Mayapur, India

Ayurveda: Luminous Heritage, Caracas, Venezuela

Back Arches: Ayana Yoga group Caracas, Venezuela

Balance and Suspension Arms: Ayana Yoga group, Caracas, Venezuela



Circus of Mexico: Pole Dancer Performer (2016)

Pole Dance Instructor: Rinconzito, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Advanced Pole Dance Instructor: Fit Vertical Dance, Buenos Aires Argentina

Pole Dance Instructor: AeroDance, Voo Aéreos, Gold's Gym, Pura Energía, Tennis Shop, Mundo Ponqueland Caracas Venezuela


Signature Tricks and Combos: Rafaela Montanaro in Joy Pole Dance Caracas Venezuela

Master Tricks Natasha Wang: Brazilian Pole Dance Federation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Planks, table top and strength: Brazilian Pole Dance Federation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Advanced Workshop: Grazzy Brugner on tutino's pole, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

Advanced Pole/Floor Barré: Grazzy Brugner in Aerodance, Caracas, Venezuela

Combos and transitions: Grazzy Brugner Pole Dance Academy, Curitiba, Brazil

Advanced level movements: Grazzy Brugner Pole Dance Academy, Curitiba, Brazil

Advanced Transitions: Grazzy Brugner Pole Dance Academy Curitiba, Brazil

Dance Choreographic Composition: Lic. Ferlin Ramírez in Aerodance, Caracas, Venezuela




Karakare Caracas, Venezuela: Aerialist (2014 - 2017)

Circus Voador Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Aerialist (2014)

Xtreme Circus Cabarete Dominican Republic: Aerialist (2018)

I Don't Believe In Nothing Circus Caracas, Venezuela: Aerialist (2015 - 2017)

Voo Aéreos Caracas, Venezuela: Aerialist (2018-2022)

Nuevo Circo Karakare Circus Company Caracas, Venezuela: Aerialist, Lyre, Aerial Canvases, Static Trapeze, Chinese Mast, Plucked (2014 - 2017)

Aerial Instructor Caracas, Venezuela:

AeroDance, Voo Aéreos, Gold's Gym, Pura Energía, Tennis Shop, Mundo Ponqueland 


Progresso Foundry, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Static Trapezium, Aerial Cloths



Internship: Military Academy of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela

Chef: In Vitro Café, Caracas, Venezuela

Chef: Avila Convention Center, Caracas, Venezuela

Executive Chef: Taima Café Concert, Caracas, Venezuela

Chef #1: Eurobuilding Caracas, Chef Table restaurant, Caracas, Venezuela

Pastry Chef: Bingo La Trinidad, Caracas, Venezuela

Pastry Chef: Repostería Creativa, Caracas, Venezuela

Sous Chef: Atlantique Restaurant, Caracas, Venezuela

Vegan Pastry Chef: Casa Vrinda Caracas, Venezuela

Vegan Chef: eHappy, Caracas, Venezuela


Diploma in plant-based nutrition for the prevention and treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases / plant-based food and nutrition: Doane University, Nebraska USA

Diploma in nutrition "Fast Diet": UPV Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Diploma in Nutrition and Cancer: Wageningent University & Research, Netherlands

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Ceaprost Foundation, UPEL University, Venezuela

Chocolate, Petite Fours, Pastry: I gastronomic hall, Caracas, Venezuela

Vegan pastry: Casa Vrinda, Caracas, Venezuela

Vegan cheeses: Naturlandia, Caracas, Venezuela

Sprouts: Naturlandia, Caracas, Venezuela